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Cadbury’s Bournville

The Challenge :

Cadbury’s Bournville is a premium dark chocolate. They wanted to take the word ‘dark’ and present it visually in an offline event. They build a 20×20 ft booth and made it completely dark & served multiple desserts to please the tastebuds using their product as the core ingredient. For the event, they were looking to collaborate with top chefs of India & we were hired to facilitate the coordination and attendance of chefs at the 1 day event.

The Goals :

– To create buzz for their new limited edition products in collaboration with other brands

– For the audience to understand the multiple uses of the chocolate from the chefs and understand the texture, taste and aroma in depth

The Solution :

We got top chefs from different cities of the country. Their ensemble was complete with their chef coat so that people can instantly seek them out for understanding the products.

The Execution:

The chefs attended the 8-10 hours long event and interacted 1 on 1 with the audience to create buzz  & awareness.

The Outcome :

  • The whole campaign created an enormous organic buzz for the brand and their products and the event was a success
  • We were also successful in increasing the engagement of the brand’s page as there were multiple people tagging, sharing & resharing content about the event & product.
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