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Country Delight

 Influencer Marketing

The Challenge :
Country delight is a brand that delivers quality dairy products at doorstep for getting fresh & nutritious products easily for self and family. They wanted to target the family decision maker to choose them as their daily trusted brand for dairy consumption. We facilitated the influencer collaboration end to end for the brand to drive the message through visual content on social media platforms.

The Goals :
To promote their product & delivery USP to the home decision makers – Put across an idea that it’s a ‘family’ consumption brand & best for children because of the product quality

The Solution :
We decided to target the mom community as they are the decision makers in most families. They can also attest to the product being excellent for their kids. We had the visuals scripted such that the video gives a home-y family feeling at the breakfast. The shots included product details subtly & focussed on the experience - nutritious & loved filled breakfast at the table everyday with their family.

The Execution:
Collaborated with mom influencers. Handled the scripting, made them understand the idea & posted in collaboration with the brand.

The Outcome :
Moms became the brand’s loyal & trusted advocates as well as customers 3 points were understood to the consumer : product quality, doorstep delivery & everyday consumption

Campaign Overview


Increase in the website visit

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