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We are Newesome,

We create memorable Brands and viral Campaigns

/ newesome {adj.} Word coined by our Founder which is a combination of New and Awesome

We refuse to Blend in !

We are a collective of creators, marketers, and crazy coffee drinkers on a mission to build rebellious brands.

Newesome began waaaay back in 2020 as an on-request, end-to-end marketing service. Newesome infused creativity, Forum’s spin on business plans and marketing strategies, stunning creativity, packing that was jaw-dropping and campaigns that turned Viral.


Find your brand positioning

Acquire and retain customers

Create a long-lasting brand impact


Brand and product launch strategies

A roadmap for growth

Our continuous support 


Distribution of 10 million follower base 

Experienced people 

Creativity and innovation strategies 

We help the SOULFUL Founder LOOKING TO Build a Solid Brand & Create some Noise

A word from our founder

Yup 👈 this is Forum. That is her real name. She started Newesome with the intention of helping founders who are in need or want visible and tangible results for their businesses. 

Forum thinks we are a crazy bunch of creative and passionate team, so she fusses over what we eat and when we go to sleep. 

Facts about Forum Shah; we interviewed her 

  1. One-food-if-stranded-on-island: Pizza – Psst* she claims she only eats the gourmet ones, but we are on a mission to catch her with a greasy one too
  2. Most proud: Her brains and family. But we know she’s most proud of us 😏
  3. Can’t-say-no-to: Binging on Netflix – Yes she’s got the thrills for thrillers 
  4. Elevator Pitch: 9+ years of working with FMCG businesses and entrepreneurs. I work alongside brand founders to make brands viral, influential and memorable.


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