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The Challenge :
Femisafe is a feminine hygiene brand. For the promotional ads, they lacked content that would hook the audience to stop, stare & click on the website link. We helped them with content creation with influencers to convert ad content.

The Goals :
– Creative ad videos that educate & leads to website visit – To increase website traffic & ROAS

The Solution :
We understood the need for giving multiple faces to the brand. The brand needed people who have tried, tested & accepted their product in their daily lifestyle. Only then, would the audience be convinced & wish to try the products.

The Execution:
We had multiple beauty & lifestyle female content creators shoot very catchy & educating content. Each influencer would only talk about 1 product & everybody would talk about different products & which problem of theirs it solved. The brand then ran ads using the same content.

The Outcome :
A problem solving communication went out from the brand’s side that would target many women & help them relate to the problem & opt for Femisafe as it’s solution Original content that helped with increased website traffic & sales

Campaign Overview


Increase in the website visit

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