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K'luxe is skincare brand that believes in the fact that every skin is beautiful and that skincare should not be a daunting task. They strongly believe that skincare should work—and work simply. They have crafted minimalistic yet multi-dimensional skincare products using clinically-proven ingredients and innovative delivery systems.

The brand approached us with the passion to build a SKincare brand that " Works for all "

Brand Tonality :

Skinimalism Experience
We worked in close collaboration with the founder to craft a meaningful and exciting skinimalism experience for the user

Through thoughtfully-designed packaging, straightforward product names and effective innovations, we helped potrayed Kluxe -an affordable luxury for an accessible price point. We kept the jargon low and efficacy high..

Exclusive Content Experience
Kluxe was born to be a brand for everyone. No matter their skin type, gender. To highlight the brand’s inclusive outlook, executed a photography and video shoot with real people having varying skin tones and skin problems.

Influencer Marketing
We helped K'luxe reach the target audience by roping in multiple influencers during festive events to create the buzz on the social media.

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