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Brand : Pran Foods, Bangladesh

Project : Instant Tea Premix

Client approached us to develop an entire range with 5 different flavour variants of instant tea premix (Regular, Ginger, Cardamom, Masala and Lemon tea) for the Bangladesh market. The target product was Karak tea and the target price per sachet was Rs. 2.2/- (for a 14g pack). As Bangladesh is a cost-sensitive market, it was really challenging to achieve the target cost due to the soaring cost of ingredients under the current situation of inflation. Our team had to develop products as per the taste palate of Bangladesh which includes: more sweetness, more creaminess/mouthfeel and strong flavour.

Our Approach & Solution:
We shortlisted RM’s or ingredients keeping in mind, the cost target and taste preference of Bangladesh consumers to achieve the final product. Recipe development for all 5 variants with flavour profiles comparable to or better than the target sample. Standardization of blending protocol/ sequence of blending to ensure uniform mixing (because instant tea premix contains ingredients with different bulk densities).

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