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Brand : SMA Aagro LLP, Assam

Project : Freeze Drying of Fruits & Spices

Client approached us for end-to-end solutions for launching range of freeze dried Bhut Jolokia chilli products such as whole chilli, chilli flakes, chilli powder & value addition of the same for export market. He later wanted to customize the process for ginger, turmeric and pineapple as well.

Our Approach & Solution:

Stage- 1 
Market Research:

  • We provided client with all the consumer insights and product specific data from globallyacclaimed multiple researchparties which were backed by AI.
  • It helped our client to understand his competitors & available whitespace in the market.
  • Brainstorming sessions on product/ concepts were explored for further evaluation.

Stage- 2
Pilot Plant Trials:

  • Pilot plant trials for both freeze drying and spice grinding was carried out at our contract manufacturing facility in Gujarat.
  • It allowed us to obtainthe product prototype and establish process parameters.
  • Prototype samples were sent for consumer study to target audience in order to obtain data oriented decisions and device the strategy accordingly.

Stage- 3
Plant set-up and Commercialization:

  • Client requireda versatile facilityto utilize freezedryer and pulverizer not only for Bhut Jolokia chilli but also for other products during chilli off season.
  • Assam being native to good and unique quality of spices and fruits,we suggested customized solutions & modified the equipments & process line to be able to handle turmeric, ginger & pineapple apart from existing Bhut Jolokia chilli.
  • Vendor selection for freeze dryer, pulverizer, equipments for pre processing of spices and fruits such as: cleaningmachine, peelers, cutting machine, blanching machine etc
  • Plant design and plant layout support.

Stage- 4
Product Marketing & Buyer Connect:

  • Fetch potential buyers for client both India and export market.
  • Currently client has received monthly pre- order of 2 tons for Bhut Jolokia alone through our support.
  • Buyers are MNC giants who have agreed upon long term collaboration.
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