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Eatopia – Fruit Minis


The Challenge :

 Eatopia, a No- Evil- at-all food company, came to us to do something creative to plan the launch of their new product – Fruit Minis.

The Goals :

– Create a buzz around the launch in a fun and quirky way

– Get more and more people to convince to buy the product

The Solution :

 People often have a ‘toxic relationship ‘ with their food. We need to break up with this relationship & enter a healthy relationship.

Because everyone is always very invested in people ‘ s personal life, we made the creators put a cryptic story that they have a relationship update awaiting for everyone. They started the video by mentioning they are in a ‘toxic relationship ‘ making people more interested to see what the creators were talking about. They then showed that they were talking about breaking up with Toxic Food relationship and were now entering  a healthy relationship with the Fruit Minis

The Execution:

Over 7 Macro Content Creators and over 150 Nano influencers became the part of this campaign to spread the ultimate noise

The Outcome :

  • The whole campaign created an enormous organic buzz for the brand and their products, and led to 45% of User Generated Content.
  • Reached over 1 million people on the internet through our distribution
  • This activity led to an increase in website visits and orders for the brand.
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