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Eatopia – Linkedin


The Challenge :

Eatopia, a No- Evil- at-all food company, came to us to do something creative to promote their brand and products on Linkedin

The Goals :

  •  Let the people of Linkedin know about the brand and their products
  • Encourage the Linkedin influencers to give a shoutout to the brand

The Solution :

 This campaign was conceptualized taking into consideration that people ‘ s journey starts with a point A & takes them to point B. This journey is what makes them strong, resilient, experienced & gives them the passion to move forward. Through this campaign we wanted to showcase that journey of successful content creators, especially on LinkedIn.Just like how Eatopia is fighting the Evil in the food industry, we shortlisted Linkedin influencers who are fighting their own battles and rising above them.

The Execution:

Something customized & personalized is what usually creates an impact on the mind’ s of people. We mapped out people’s journey & created a custom illustration. We attached it along with brand’ s products (gift box)..Just like Eatopia is proud of their Brand purpose and their products we wanted the influential personalities to feel proud of their journey.We aimed to give a virtual pat on the back & inspire the next generation with these fabulous success stories

We connected with 10 famous content creators on LinkedIn & sent them gift boxes with sweet personalized letters explaining Eatopia’s reason for existence and their battle they are fighting.

The Outcome :

  • The whole campaign created an enormous organic buzz for the brand and their products.
  • The creators loved the illustration of their journey and took it to Linkedin thanking the brand for their products and the beautiful reminder
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