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Open secret

The Challenge :

Open secret is India’s leading snacking company that is ‘un-junking’ the whole of India. They reached out to collaborate with influencers for brand awareness & multiple use cases of their products.

The Goals :

– Increase awareness about healthy snacking & ingredients added in products

– To show multiple ways of consuming their snacks

The Solution :

We facilitated the influencer coordination for the brand. We wanted to reach out to the intelligent audience who was already aware about the benefits of healthy snacking but needed to be aware of the options available & multiple ways of consumption during different meals of the day.

The Execution:

Collaborated with influencer from the mom community & a nutritionist who is also a recipe curator. The mom influencer shot a video wherein she explained the USP & ingredients of the products, as well as educated the audience that it’s a healthier option for kids amongst other snacking options. The nutritionist recipe curator made an everyday healthy & tasty smoothie using the products. The message communicated was health + taste is possible fuss free with open secret.

The Outcome :

  • Taste with health for everybody – this message went viral with the campaign
  • Tapped into newer TG that increased brand awareness & engagement
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